Koios Pro

Koios Pro is a finance platform with tools to track and assist the management of your specialized investments.

What we do

What we do

An overview

We are a service platform, built by developers in the software finance industry, providing a tool for our clients to both purchase service and product receivables, as well as match our vendors with clients needing their services. Our clients range from real estate firms, construction companies, and food service industries, to educational institutions, software developers, and medical service companies.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Reach the developers directly

  • Phone: (202) 596-1151
  • Email: support [at] koios [dot] pro
  • Skype: aaronstipkovich
  • Address:
    Koios Pro
    Aaron Stipkovich
    30 Wall Street, Suite 800
    New York, NY 10005

Security data and more

Google: For added security, features, and more, our entire platform log-in system is powered by Google's OAuth 2.0 system.

Privacy, and more: Please review our Privacy Policy which includes our Consumer data privacy policy and all legal terms and conditions.

Currency: We work with US companies and US dollar current only, but plan to include additional regions and currencies soon.

Stripe: Regarding Koios Pro's onboarding and payment process, any credit card or ACH payments, or payouts, are powered by Stripe. The security of Stripe's financial data systems are unrivaled in the industry. When you are approved for access, you will connect to Stripe's onboarding process of connecting your accounts for payment/payouts. More information can be found at Stripe’s terms of service.

Additional information can be found at Visa, and Mastercard.

We do not work with importing and exporting companies, but we're working on this for the future.